About UD


UD (derived from his first name “Uday”) is an indie Songwriter and Producer based out of Mumbai who is keen on creating music with inspirational values that can motivate and connect with people at a personal level. He is also keen on collaborating with other global musicians, as according to him, musical threads that are contributed by various global music talents can be woven into something so special and unique that it can connect people beyond any barriers. He says, ‘music which has flavours from all around the world has the power to unite souls at the ground level’.

Music has played an important role in the growing up years of UD and though not a formally trained musician, he believes melodies and words flow out of him naturally. Whether it was listening to electro-pop of the 80’s in his early childhood days or the hip-hop/house/techno music of the 90’s, music of all times, genre and style has vastly influenced his own musical thoughts. A brief stint at DJing during his college days keeps his musical notes, most of the time, racing above 120bpm. He does not want to get tied down to any particular genre or style and wants to just focus on creating music that can touch his listeners in some special way and move them positively.   

After a long break from music, he has now taken his first public step to share his musical thought with the world through his debut gig titled “21 Days”, which was written by him (lyrics & melody) during the early phase of the pandemic that our world is currently dealing with. He has now produced this project by working with couple of international music talents and hopes the bond he developed with these artistes can be replicated at a global level with his listeners.

He believes like him there are many who are greatly influenced by music but may have never got a chance to be either formally trained or pursue it professionally. But, in today’s digital world that we live in, pursuing your own music has never been easier. It can be parallelly and independently pursued by anyone without the fear and stress of giving up something stable in their lives, and that is the beauty of technological advancement today. The only principle he swears to stick by is  – ‘create music not for monetary expectations or fame but because you have something to say…something to express…something to share…something you feel strongly about, and that is when you will connect and touch others positively. Everything else that follows is a consequence.’  He hopes his first step inspires many others like him to take their first steps.

July, 2020

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