21 Days


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The song “21 Days” revolves around the background of current pandemic that has gripped the world and its impact on basic human values. It is about inspiring and encouraging us to take the right steps for a better tomorrow.

The phrase “21 Days” refers to the lock down period (or part thereof) which many countries adopted to fight the virus. While such a quarantine period helps in preventing the spread of virus, but during these 21 days, world also witnessed something different. We witnessed a change! We all experienced some amount of realization at a personal level concerning humanity, nature, environment and other living beings.

It was a period of introspection as to what is right and what is wrong, what is one pursuing in his or her own life and at what cost, what is important and what should matter the most. It was a time to look back on things we had done or taken for granted. It raised many questions in our minds – whether we as a human race had somewhere become proud by assuming this planet Earth only belongs to us and that no other living beings have an equal right in here? Were we ill-treating our planet Earth and the environment in some way? All these realizations started pouring in as we started to witness so many positive changes in nature and realized how beautiful, powerful and self-healing our mother nature was.

This period of soul-searching reinforced the values of simple living, simple aspirations, kindness and love. It gave us many such realizations to make things right going forward and to redefine our goals at a personal level. And all of this was happening while we were fighting the virus. We saw humanity come together, brotherhood increased and a collective hope for a better and right future set in. This song is about celebrating our realizations and the positive impacts we witnessed and experienced at all levels. It is about fueling our determination to stay strong during these difficult times, as this shall pass too.

And finally, as we start to come out of this lock down period, it is to remind us to not forget these realizations and learnings of ’21 Days’ and keep the feeling of change alive.

July, 2020

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